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Cultivator Combinati Roller
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Roller cultivivator is designed to be able to drastically reduce autumn processing costs on plowed or cultivated land, as an alternative to disc rakes and, most importantly, a rotary harrow.

This Cultivator is suitable for minimal processing. This machine consists of:
- rows of discs alternating with flat-toothed discs and wavy discs
- a row of corrugated disks
- two rows of Chisel springs
- standard version with roller spike and rows of corrugated discs with a diameter of 630 mm
The ROLLER500D version has additional disc lines, not toothed rollers
ROLLER aims to reduce cultivation costs in plowed land. It can be used instead of a disk and above all, not a rotary rake. This can also be used for minimum cultivation. This machine is made of:
- a row of discs, where you have a wavy and flat disc changeover
- a row of corrugated discs
- two rows of Chisel springs
- the standard version has a roller and a row of corrugated discs, diameter 630 mm
The ROLLER500D version has another disc line, not a roller.

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